More Than Weeds:

A Mini Course on Foraging for Beginners

In More Than Weeds: 5 Common Plants to Forage for Food and Home Remedies, wildcrafter Susan Vinskofski walks alongside hesitant foragers to build their confidence. You'll learn to identify, harvest, and use several common weeds in delicious, nourishing recipes, and safe, effective home remedies.

You may already be familiar with a few of the plants. It’s less intimidating to learn the first steps in botany with familiar plants; the skill will easily be transferrable to unfamiliar plants. 

You will learn to look at these plants in detail. And of course, you can always ask questions in each lesson.

In More Than Weeds: 5 Common Plants to Forage for Food and Home Remedies you will learn: 

  • to identify the plants with certainty
  • simple botany terms that apply to the plants
  • how to harvest the plants
  • how to use these 5 common weeds as food and home remedies

Included in the course are:

  • 6 Video lessons averaging 5 minutes each
  • several text lessons with tips for safe foraging and botany terms to know 
  • 10 printable recipes for food and home remedies 
  • recommended resources

More Than Weeds: 5 Common Plants to Forage for Food and Home Remedies:

  • has clear photos of each plant in video format
  • is perfect for both urban and rural settings
  • is useful for all sections of the United States

As you complete this course:

  • your eyes will be opened to how useful many common weeds can be
  • how weeds may be full of nutrition
  • how they have so many medicinal qualities
  • and how they are free for the taking!

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the 'More Than Weeds: 5 Common Plants to Forage for Food and Home Remedies'!
    • Meet Your Instructor and What You'll Learn in this Course
    • Disclaimer
    • General Tips for Safe Foraging
    • A Little Bit of Botany Never Hurt Anyone
    • Botany Terms to Learn PDF
  • 2
    Let's get started with dandelion!
    • The Dandelion
    • Cautions Concerning Dandelion
    • Dandelion Leaf Pesto Recipe PDF
    • Dandelion Flower Fritters Recipe PDF
    • The Dandelion
  • 3
    Next up is plantain leaf!
    • Plantain Leaf
    • Cautions Concerning Plantain
    • Plantain & Kelp Plaque-Fighting Tooth Powder Recipe PDF
    • Plantain and Jewelweed Home Remedy for Poison Ivy Rash Recipe PDF
    • Plantain Leaf Healing Salve Recipe PDF
    • The Plantain
  • 4
    And Then Came Mullein!
    • Mullein
    • Cautions Concerning Mullein
    • Mullein Flower Earache Oil Recipe PDF
    • The Mullein
  • 5
    Don't Be Afraid of Stinging Nettle!
    • Stinging Nettle
    • Cautions Concerning Stinging Nettle
    • Stinging Nettle Spanakopita Recipe PDF
    • Nettle & Peppermint Nourishing Herbal Infusion Recipe PDF
    • The Stinging Nettle
  • 6
    Last But Certainly Not Least - the Common Violet!
    • The Common Violet
    • Cautions Concerning Violet
    • Low Sugar Violet Flower Jelly Recipe PDF
    • Violet Flower and Leaf Vinegar Recipe PDF
    • The Violet
  • 7
    All Good Things Must Come to an End!
    • Thank you for participating!
    • Recommended Resources
    • Photo Credits

Your Course Instructor

  • Susan Vinskofski

    Susan Vinskofski

    Susan Vinskofski fell in love with plants and foraging as a young girl on a Pennsylvania mountaintop. There's never been a time in her life when she hasn't been identifying plants, gardening, or using plants to make safe, home remedies for her family. Susan blogs at Learning And Yearning about using plants and living naturally.

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Abi from They're Not Our Goats


Abi from They're Not Our Goats

Even though I have been familiar with these plants, I feel like I learned new facts and uses for each plant through this course! I'm also excited to try some of your recipes.
Kara Y.

Thoroughly enjoyed

Kara Y.

This was great! I intend to go through it with my elementary grade children and experiment with the recipes.
by Ashley B.

Beginner in Foraging

by Ashley B.

As a beginner in foraging, I am so incredibly excited to have this course! I found these first 5 plant introductions very helpful and instructive.